Over the last year producing, directing and performing in two new projects of DramaDogs, a Theater Company: “Dance Me to the End of Love – 8 Short Plays by EM Lewis” and “Tales of Woo and Woe – A Journey of the Heart” (Shakespeare) along with the ownership of Ken Gilbert | EmBODYment (Somatic Education […]

The autumn shift of shortened days is only heightened with the change of hour at our clocks. The sun is lower in the sky and we sense a coolness at sundown. Preparing to hibernate and go “inside”.

As a man, a Theater Artist and Somatic Educator I stand in the circle of women everyday. In each circle I am received and accepted. I realize that this is who I am: a man who honors all women in their body•mind•emotion•spirit. I am a man who is a participant as teacher and guide to […]

How easy to be distracted into the thinking mind and neglect the integration of body•mind. To be split. Recently, reminding myself that I am in a body•mind•emotion•spirit relationship of self-discovery, self-healing and self-mastery. My practice is to be aware of body sensations and stop in the moment of “disconnect” from my body; remove the distraction […]

Being the extreme introvert that I am; I am adapting into a world of extraverts. I am in a great place of purpose – stepping onto the stage to be revealed and seen. Right now, DramaDogs does THEATER is what I am doing to compensate for my intense desire to hide into myself. On stage […]

Get to the doing part sooner; I love being in the non-doing of thoughts and feelings, however, it is in the doing that I am most alive. Recently home from New Zealand, training a Nia White Belt, I travel over the largest body of water on earth to find a bit more of myself standing […]

My spirit lives in my body, my mind and my emotions. This is how I choose to live in the world. Recently, I revisited the movie “Peaceful Warrior” based on Dan Millman’s book “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. In 1985 the book was given to me by a woman who walked into my picture […]


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