In my body . . .

I am learning to be comfortable with discomfort. My body is not the part of me that is in discomfort it is my mind and emotions that are ignited by my spirit. I am finding my way to be with this discomfort of not knowing what will happen, how it will happen and who I will become in it happening.

Social Media is the new way and this is my first blog. To find a way of writing about my feelings, thoughts and actions of being a Theater Artist who teaches embodiment as a practice. To seek, find and enjoy the sensation of being in a body; a body that creates through the movement of feelings and thoughts.

I am looking for my tribe. To share with others what it is to be a creative and artistic mover and thinker. To be stimulated through movement finding the creative source of me and to have the courage to express it!

The movement of movement! To be in a body that moves into the actions of sharing myself with others. This is a journey and a quest.

Making my first steps of typing these words I trust that this writing will open me up to a world of the unknown and I will dance into it.


  1. fran galt · · Reply

    Thank you for all the helpful sharing – I noticed a new freedom of movement in the studio – painting and drawing – it is joyful to dance and work at the same time.
    I’ve had to slow down my regular routines while allowing a bad back to heal – but acceptance is my only option.
    It helps to hear so many of us are in this struggle and all the ways of dealing …..

    1. Fran . . . it is a time to heal!

  2. leila · · Reply

    Since the Intnesive I have had extensive physical pain. But I knew for sure I was not giving up movement and so I started learning the meaning of ‘tweaking’ and looking for the mind/soul connection. I joined yoga and together with Nia and Pilates have experienced incredible healing. Currently I am working with my root chakra -exploring the issues there and doing healing meditations. We dance three times a week at 6.15am-how magic is that-to start the day dancing and some days I finish the day dancing. What an incredible journey it has been. I know the adventure is just begun and there are many twists and turns and discoveries up ahead but I have my bag packed and ready for the journey.

  3. Lynne Udell · · Reply

    Hi Ken…so happy you are blogging and I will look forward to keeping in touch with your dance thru this medium. I dance in the blog world a bit, reading and sharing my journey with others, particularly my spiritual practice. I love the expansiveness and easy touch across space that blogging and the internat provides. I am holding a space and clear intention for your next training here in New Zealand. May it be a gracious and easy creation from your sands to these shores. My classes continue to grow in this little corner of the world. Students are finding their bodies in the place of ease, regardless of aging and limitations. As a teacher, this is an immense joy in its own right. It is thrilling it is to hear stories from people that translate to ‘dancing thru life’ for them. Students saying that Nia is the big ‘Yes’ in their being….Much love to you

  4. Siobhan · · Reply

    Well done for starting this while using those energy allies. This takes courage and you are inspiring in your honesty.

  5. If I disregard the signals of discomfort that my body sends to my mind, i fear that I will break or tear my body. How do I overcome that fear so that I can be comfortable with discomfort in my body?

    1. gwh . . . rather than “disregard the signals of discomfort”, in my practice of Nia I acknowledge the physical discomforts (which many times are referrals from something that I am not addressing correctly for my body) I find appropriate movement to “tweak” what I am doing to find comfort and pleasure – in my body. The discomfort that I refer to in my blog is the not knowing what to do when something is happening – finances (with all that is going on in our global economy), where my business is going (developing and expanding to find more freedom through income), etc – my fear in my body is antagonized by mental and emotional responses to my work when I get caught in past/future rather than the present moment.

  6. gwhhansen · · Reply

    How do I overcome the fear of breaking and tearing my body if I move through and beyond the signals of discomfort that my body sends to my mind?

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