In the body of practice . . . it is the body not the mind

Practice is in the body more than the mind. It is in my physical body that I live on earth. And, rather than think about it I must act upon it and practice. My body’s wisdom is more ancient than my neo-cortex and higher brain functions. It is without thinking that my brain interfaces with my body in movement as well as (without thinking) movement of my body stimulates my brain. It is in my body that I will find ways to maintain my body’s integrity of well-being through practice – through movement. My “mind” is more than my brain, it is my witness to my process of healing and health and fitness in my body·mind·spirit.

In my teachings of Nia, Nia 5 Stages and what I call “Integrating Pilates” (based on the fundamentals inherent of the work of Joseph H. Pilates, Ron Fletcher, and Nia). The whole body commitment to well-being is through movement. And, it is the breath that weaves the body, mind, emotions and spirit integration into expressive movement – through awareness of sensation. Once the body’s sensations are acknowledged the body relaxes into stillness, the mind is alert without inner dialogue, and the spirit is in the present moment of waiting – waiting in what is and what is to be.

I am a kinesthetic and visual learner having learned how to listen to my body. I teach from what I learn: integration in my body is the guide to my awakening and to my survival in all that is changing in my personal life and in the world. I must practice every day . . . and move my body·mind·spirit.

To move is to heal and find health and fitness . . . it is The Body’s Way (Nia). In order to be healthy for a life time we must practice in the body everyday.

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  1. Practice in the body IS much more than the mind. I know very clearly about this because of How I rehabilitated when I had the stroke. I very clearly found out the difference between brain and mind; and the mind and the body. The body will fulfill the image in the mind……that’s why however I choose to see myself is sooooo important. My body will fulfill what my mind perceives. Thus, it is important to differentiate between the 2…and to listen to my body. Ohhhhh, this is soooo crucial. I have found that in not listening to my body that I have had the most discomfort. And… that time I was moving my body a lot everyday. This is all about becoming aware of the voice of the body, the voice of the mind, the voice of the emotions, and the voice of the spirit. They are all different. They “talk” differently. (We can talk about this more at another time….) Thank you for your words…..I don’t know of anyone who is doing this….as well as doing it with such clarity and focus. I appreciate you!!!!!!!!! Thank you for doing what you are called to do!!!!

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