In my mind . . .

It is only in my mind that I get confused. My body does what it does, and in doing, it seeks ease and grace. My mind is the part of me that thinks and evaluates and sometimes gets triggered with fear and doubt that what I am doing is not enough or is not the right thing. It is my mind that tweaks perceptions into truths or fantasies; it can we a wonderful place of contentment and non-doing or it can ravage me with inner dialogue that keeps me awake at night.

 As a theater artist and a teacher of movement it is my mind that keeps me in my place of upholding standards and particular levels of quality in certain matters. It is also the part of me that balances the check book and operates my computer. It is my mind that needs the rest and the re-set when I sense overwhelm in my emotions, thoughts and tensions in my body.

It is also my mind that is a great communicator. It uses language, images, ideas and thoughts to share with another. It receives and comprehends information, artfully created language, and describes a world that surrounds me. It is my verbal communicator. It is the thinker of thoughts and the organizer of images. It is the part of me that seeks the purpose and the metaphor in all that is.

In this exercise of blogging, my mind is what I sense working, even with my fingers on the keyboard; touching and hearing the keys and the sounds of the tapping. This, like movement in my body, is of high JOY. It is my mind that keeps me in my body – the brain and the creative source – that part of me that chooses to create. That part that drives my will to be and do . . . my mind is my guide inside my body.

One comment

  1. Hi Ken,

    My mind gets in the way of my joy. I must always remember to ask my body “are you enjoying this” my mind is quick to say no, but my body is always honest and says yes much more often than my mind.


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