In the practice of mind . . . it is the mind through the body

Practice of the mind is in and through the body; my body is the vessel of my mind. Without my body I would not exist; therefore, it is my physical body that is the “temple” of my mind. My mind witnesses and notices all that I am doing in my body, my thoughts and in my emotions. It is my mind that observes my brain – the anatomical/physiological director of all that happens in my body·mind·spirit. Who I am is formed by my minds interconnection and relationship with my body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In practices of mind/body and body/mind there is a plethora of choices to experience; ancient and contemporary, self resourced and community based – there are many disciplines of practice. Movers move and sitters sit; this is a range of possibilities in the practice of the body. I choose to move in my own interpersonal work. To be in my body through movement where there is a continuum of dynamic ease, there is also stillness. I choose to practice mindful/“body-full” movement where I listen to my body through sensation hearing the “voices of my body”.

When I discovered moving meditation I found the gateway to myself. Sitting can be a strong discipline in which one can meditate deeply; what I discovered for myself was the strength of meditating deeply in the movement. To focus on my body moving without the distractions of thoughts, emotions or my “to do list”, my body moves with an intimate innate sense of “self”. My body loves to move and find the inner sense of stillness as much as my body loves to sit or stand in stillness finding the inner sense of connection to my body’s way. These are important parts to my practice of mind, in my body – to be here, now.


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  1. Renee · · Reply

    “Movers move and sitters sit.” I certainly find the moving meditation of Nia to be one of its most compelling aspects. Leading or following a focus for an entire Nia class has been great for my self-training in continuity of consciousness. And just as we Nia teachers advocate sitters to start moving, there’s surely equal value in us movers starting to sit a bit more. In fact, through the Nia intensive trainings I’ve taken, I’ve learned some techniques for sitting in stillness that I never learned in my spiritual practices. Hooray for sitters moving and movers sitting! Thanks for your blog!

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