Cravings in Body | Mind | Emotion | Spirit

ImageBeing the extreme introvert that I am; I am adapting into a world of extraverts. I am in a great place of purpose – stepping onto the stage to be revealed and seen. Right now, DramaDogs does THEATER is what I am doing to compensate for my intense desire to hide into myself.

On stage and in the theater, with my wife, Bonnie, company members Michelle and Erica, I am home with family in an extraordinary way. I am exposed in Body | Mind | Emotion and Spirit. My body craving the sensation of moving on stage through the words of poetry and character. My mind craving the meaning in every nuance of word, phrase, gesture and feeling. My emotion craving the integration of all feelings – the energy of being a human being. My spirit craving that place of purpose – creating an experience that shares the human condition of being a man in the world.

During the rehearsal process of this theater piece we are bringing our work to the proscenium arch (Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria) – the most classic arrangement of the audience looking up a the stage. DramaDogs is doing this our way . . . we walk into the house and onto the stage where we begin a journey of self in relationship – to ourselves, with others and into the world in which each of us lives. The metaphor is alive – the body itself reveals the experience.

I love the work that I do as a somatic educator; teaching people how to have a relationship with their body•mind•emotion•spirit through the experiences of their body of sensation. This is the project in which am most present in the many years of acting and directing. I am inside the experience that I am sharing. A new phrase came to me just last week:

“Experience is in the Body and the Body becomes the ART . . . “


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