I am RISING with One Billion Women! V-Day 2013

As a man, a Theater Artist and Somatic Educator I stand in the circle of women everyday. In each circle I am received and accepted. I realize that this is who I am: a man who honors all women in their body•mind•emotion•spirit. I am a man who is a participant as teacher and guide to women who are learning to love their bodies and their lives. I am an observer of women who cherish their individual and collective sensuality; expressing every movement, every image, idea or thought, every emotion and every part of their feminine spirit. My mother taught me to receive all women, to listen and to respond with respect in standing alongside rather than in front of. My wife teaches me to listen and reflect before I react or respond. In my art and in my work I become a man in the circle of women who honor me by allowing my presence in their moments of introspection and celebration. I witness the feminine spirit and power in every female body that I see. For this I am grateful to all women . . . for this honor I RISE!



  1. Thank you for desiring harmony in our binary system

  2. Allison Rivers Samson/Allison's Gourmet · · Reply

    Beautifully written, Ken. Thank you for honoring us women with your graciousness, respect and connection. ❤

  3. Erin Davidson · · Reply

    I am honored to be in your circle of women and I celebrate that I am being received and witnessed by a man who is secure in his masculinity and celebrates the divine feminine spirit.

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