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Un-Decapitating the Moment

How easy to be distracted into the thinking mind and neglect the integration of body•mind. To be split. Recently, reminding myself that I am in a body•mind•emotion•spirit relationship of self-discovery, self-healing and self-mastery. My practice is to be aware of body sensations and stop in the moment of “disconnect” from my body; remove the distraction […]

Cravings in Body | Mind | Emotion | Spirit

Being the extreme introvert that I am; I am adapting into a world of extraverts. I am in a great place of purpose – stepping onto the stage to be revealed and seen. Right now, DramaDogs does THEATER is what I am doing to compensate for my intense desire to hide into myself. On stage […]

In my spirit . . .

My spirit lives in my body, my mind and my emotions. This is how I choose to live in the world. Recently, I revisited the movie “Peaceful Warrior” based on Dan Millman’s book “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. In 1985 the book was given to me by a woman who walked into my picture […]

In my emotions . . .

My journey into my emotions began in 1986 with “re-birthing”; strange to sense and feel my body with the aspiration and buzz of circular breathing – the numbing and cramping of my fingers, hands and face. Wanting more from my body – more sensation than numbing – I turned to Reichian Therapy in Ojai, California. […]

In the practice of mind . . . it is the mind through the body

Practice of the mind is in and through the body; my body is the vessel of my mind. Without my body I would not exist; therefore, it is my physical body that is the “temple” of my mind. My mind witnesses and notices all that I am doing in my body, my thoughts and in […]

In my mind . . .

It is only in my mind that I get confused. My body does what it does, and in doing, it seeks ease and grace. My mind is the part of me that thinks and evaluates and sometimes gets triggered with fear and doubt that what I am doing is not enough or is not the […]

In the body of practice . . . it is the body not the mind

Practice is in the body more than the mind. It is in my physical body that I live on earth. And, rather than think about it I must act upon it and practice. My body’s wisdom is more ancient than my neo-cortex and higher brain functions. It is without thinking that my brain interfaces with […]


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